Business Address Verification

Certain types of businesses must be approved by the Department of Buildings (DOB) before they can take occupancy in a building. This is so it can be ensured that city zoning allows your business type to be in your chosen location.

Trades include;

  • Plumber
  • Fire Suppression Piping Contractor
  • Rigger
  • Electrician
  • Sign Hanger
  • Elevator Agency
  • Oil Burner Equipment Installer

Email it to or mail it to:
NYC Department of Buildings 
Attn: Licensing & Exams Unit  
280 Broadway, 1st Floor 
New York, NY 10007

Use the LIC33 Business Verification Form to. You will be contacted by phone or email with the results.

Including a copy of the most recent Certificate of Occupancy (CofO) will expedite the process.

Once Verification is Approved

Licensees/new applicants must:

  • Meet with the DOB’s Licensing & Exams Unit to be issued the license. Call 212-393-2259 to schedule an appointment.
  • Submit a new LIC1 (Elevator Agencies), LIC2, or LIC38 (Electricians) application
  • Submit insurance certificates
  • Submit a telephone bill that includes the business name and approved business address location. Submit a utility bill with the name and location (this if if you have a cell phone bill or voice over internet phone bill).

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