Tenant Protection Plan

Registered Design Professionals should register their plan with the Department of Buildings if the work involves:

  • An Alteration
  • Construction
  • Partial Demolition

If this Protection Plan is mandatory for a job, you won’t be able to receive a permit until your plan is approved. 

  • Specific dwelling units that will be occupied while construction is occurring.
  • How occupants will be protected during the duration of the construction in regards to health and safety
  • Temporary fire-related assemblies
  • Opening Protectives 
  • Dust Containment Procedures 
  • Signatures of the applicant and owner 

The plan must be site-specific and include details about:

  • Egress
  • Health Requirements
  • Compliance with housing standards
  • Noise Restrictions
  • Structural Safety
  • Maintaining Essential Services


If a plan hasn’t been submitted to the DOB for a job where it is required, the minimum penalty is $10,000.

For following offenses, the minimum penalty is $25,000.

Priced at such a high fine because it relates to the health and safety of occupants. 

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