Cooling Tower Records Need to Be Made Available

Cooling tower upkeep is of great importance, for it can cause legionnaires disease if not taken care of properly.

Local Law 79 of 2019 involves the record-keeping of cooling tower inspections. A Qualified Person needs to inspect and send a report to the Department of Buildings. They can include a:

  • NYS Professional Engineer
  • Certified Industrial Hygienist
  • Certified water technologist with training and experience developing management plans and performing inspections in accordance with industry best practices, published standards, and regulatory requirements
  • Environmental consultant with a minimum of two years of operational experience in water management planning and operation

What does the Qualified Person do after the inspection?

The Qualified Person must send the date the inspection was performed to the DOB. 

What does the building owner do after the inspection?  

The building owner must insure that this is sent in within five days of the inspection. 

In addition, they need to send the results of the inspection to any member of the public who asks for it. This information must be sent to the requester within five business days, or within five business days of the result, whichever is later. 

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