How Will the Climate Mobilization Act Affect Building Owners?

On April 18, 2019, the City passed the Climate Mobilization Act, which comprises of a group of bills.

Here are some major points of these legislations:


The minimum square footage for retro-commissioning once a decade would reduce to 25,000 sqf. for many properties.

Efficiency Grades

The scoring criteria for energy efficiency grades will be altered.


The DOB will develop and be more supportive of renewable energy in the form of large wind turbines.

Green Roofs

New buildings being constructed that will be in certain occupancy groups (such as B, I-4, M, and S-4) will need to have roofs that are up to sustainability standards.

They will have to have:

  • Solar Panels or
  • Small Wind Turbines or
  • Plants or
  • A Combination of the above

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