Does Your Property Need to Meet these Lighting Requirements?

Some buildings will need to have updated lighting systems by January 25, 2025. This is part of the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP), which strives to cut down New York City’s energy use through building initiatives.

Another requirement covered by the same Local Law (88 of 2009) is sub-metering.

Which Buildings Need to Comply?

Covered buildings include the following:

a) Buildings over 25,000 gross square feet OR  

b) Multiple buildings on the same tax lot that are over 100,000 gross square feet OR 

c) Multiple buildings in the same condo system that have the same board and totals over 100,000 gross square feet combined

Gross Square Footage – Go by the number the Department of Finance (DOF) has on file*.

Covered Tenant Spaces must be in a building that falls under the criteria above. In addition, the spaces need to be: 

a) Let/sublet to the same person that is over 5,000 gross square feet on one or more floors, OR

b) A floor over 5,000 gross square feet that is let/sublet to multiple people

Which Buildings/Areas Don’t Need to Comply?

  1. Real Property: three or less stories where each dwelling unit owner takes care of HVAC and hot water systems whereas each system doesn’t serve more than two dwelling units
  2. Buildings that are already in compliance with that New York City energy conservation code or have been installed on or after July 1, 2010
  3. Occupancy group R-2 and R-3. No upgrade is needed for these dwelling units or their hallways, laundry rooms, or boiler rooms
  4. Houses of worship within occupancy group A-3

What Do I Have to Do?

The following will need to be updated to be more energy efficient:

  • Interior Lighting Controls
  • Light Reduction Controls
  • Automatic Lighting Shutoff
  • Tandem Wiring
  • Exit Signs
  • Interior Lighting Power Requirements
  • Exterior Lighting

On or before January 1st, 2025, a Registered Design Professional/Licensed Master/Special Electrician needs to certify that any lighting updates have been completed. The fees to submit this report are still to be determined.

*NYCityAlerts includes DOF data including square footage information in our services.

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