Where to Post Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Notices

Multiple dwellings need to have signs posted regarding smoke detector and carbon monoxide (CO2) alarms.


The text on the notice needs to be at least 3/16ths of an inch tall. The font choice needs to be bold, easily readable, and of contrasting colors.

Where to Post the Notice

Post your notices in a common area and secure them so they can’t easily come loose. The notice needs to be made of a material durable enough to be posted without getting ripped or becoming illegible. The area it’s posted in should be well-lit.

A Smoke Detector notice can look similar to the following:

And a Carbon Monoxide notice can look similar to the following:

You can also post one single notice that encompasses Suspected Gas Leaks, Smoke Detecting Devices, and Carbon Monoxide Alarms. The HPD has posted a sample notice document. If you go this route, as long as you have all of the information, you may use just one sheet instead of multiple.

In addition to these postings, you also must also keep tenants informed by sending them annual safety notices.

You can learn more about individual requirements for smoke detectors here and carbon monoxide alarms here.

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  2. […] Tenants also may need to be informed about carbon monoxide detectors via a physical notice. […]


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