How NYCityAlerts Automates FDNY Compliance

NYCityAlerts will help you streamline your FDNY compliance process. FDNY data is a paid feature that we offer. We display data from the Fire Department that is not accessible publicly online. This information is updated on our site weekly and cannot be viewed via a government website.

This is invaluable data, especially if you are managing a large portfolio.

FDNY data that we provide you with includes:

  • Certificates of Fitness
  • Violation Orders
  • Notice of Violations
  • Permit Accounts
  • Letters of Approval

Notices of Violation warrant financial penalties and require an OATH/ECB hearing.

We also show you how many NOVs a particular building has, as well as how much is owed in fines. This helps manage what your status is with existing FDNY violations.

In the event that you do receive an NOV, you can find out how NYCityAlerts can help you keep track of upcoming hearings here.

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