How NYCityAlerts Can Help You with OATH/ECB Hearings

NYCityAlerts can help you with OATH/ECB hearings in two distinct ways:

1. Know when a hearing is coming up

  • NYCityAlerts will show you the dates of any upcoming ECB hearings. 
  • The OATH ECB Hearings segment on a building profile will display both the date the violation was given and the hearing date. 
  • You can sort the data by either date.
  • Seeing the dates chronologically helps you ensure that you don’t miss a date.

2. Prevent having to go to a hearing in the first place

  • If you receive complaint notifications from NYCityAlerts, you become more immediately aware of what’s going on within your properties.
  • Knowing about complaints helps you potentially fix a problem before it escalates and you receive a violation.
  • Avoiding a violation means avoiding receiving an ECB/OATH summons.

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