Is sidewalk cleanliness the responsibility of the City or the owner?

Even if it might not seem like it, the sidewalk in front of your building is your responsibility. If it is a mess, you need to get it clean or else risk getting a sanitation ticket.

It is important to find out exactly where your property lines are, to know how far out you will have to take care of.

Property owners must clean and sweep the sidewalks next to their property, including the gutters 18 inches from the curb into the street. Property owners who do not clean the sidewalks and gutters bordering their property may be issued a summons.

The Department of Sanitation will inspect the location and may issue a summons, but they will not remove the debris.


    • Can issue tickets (from 8:00AM-8:59AM or 6:00PM-6:59PM for residential properties), find out the other two one-hour windows for commercial properties by calling 311. for dirty sidewalk, dirty area, failure to clean 18 inches into the street


    • All other issues can receive tickets at any time of the day


    • Can inspect any day of the week


  • Inspectors will not clean or remove debris in order to fix the problem.

Business Owners

    • Can request commercial enforcement routing sticker


  • Will tell what times DSNY can issue tickets for dirty sidewalks and gutters.


Unclean sidewalks & gutters

Make sure that you are washing and removing any trash left behind


Ice & snow

You must have a clear 4-feet wide path for people to travel through. Do not move the snow into the street


Tripping hazards & debris

Make sure these rules are followed, keeping objects and  march within 3 feet of the storefront

Fines for Different Infractions:






No mat, carpet, or cloth may be shaken or beaten so that litter or dust is created. No ashes, sand, hair

Exposure of Material


Certain toxic materials are not allowed

Loose Rubbish


Rags, damaged merchandise, barrels, boxes, and broken bales of merchandise or goods may not be placed where any part of them, will pass into a street, public place, or occupied premise

Improper Use of DSNY Litter Basket


City garbage cans do not allow household or business waste to be put in them


Cleanliness should also be ensured during street events.

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