How to Obtain a Letter of Approval

A Letter of Approval marks the fact that a fire alarm system has passed inspection. This document is important in the realm of fire prevention. It ensures that the system is functioning properly and should work in the event of an emergency.

AN FDNY inspector will come to ensure that everything is up to code. The system is then either approved or not approved.

If It’s Approved

The inspector will Issue a Letter of Recommendation (LOR). Before you can receive the letter, you must pay any required fees. The professional who certified the alarm system will also receive a copy.

After processing the construction documentation and the associated inspector’s reports,  a Letter of Approval will be generated and mailed to the owner. Typically it takes 10 to 15 business days.

If Not Approved

Correcting the Problem

You will not be allowed to receive a Letter of Approval if there are any outstanding issues with a system. A Letter of Defect (LOD) will be issued.

You will have to correct the issues in order to get the fire alarm system approved. Once everything is fixed, a Registered Architect (RA), Professional Engineer (PE), or Licensed Electrical Contractor needs to fill out a Certification of Correction of Electrical Defects.

This form is to be submitted to:
Bureau of Fire Prevention
Fire Alarm Inspection Unit
9 Metro Tech Center
Brooklyn, NY 11201-5884

If the issue(s) are not corrected within 90 days, you may receive a Violation Order.


To be reconsidered for approval, fill out a Request for Reconsideration for each defect. Each form must be sent in a self-addressed envelope and also be emailed to

If your request is not obliged, you will have to follow the procedure above to correct the identified defect(s).

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