How to Get a Free Roof Coating

The city’s CoolRoof initiative installs cool roofs at no cost to you, or at a reduced cost.

The installation involves coating roofs with a material that reflects sunlight, therefore keeping the building cooler by absorbing less heat. Standard roofs can reach 150°F in the Summer, but cool roofs can shave off 50°F from the temperature.

The program aims to coat at least one million square feet of rooftops in the city per year.


  • Less air conditioning is needed, which saves money and helps the environment
  • Increases overall indoor comfort in spaces that don’t have air conditioning

The roof must:

  • Be flat
  • Be in good condition
  • Be Free from major cracks
  • Be Easily accessible
  • Be Free from dangerous equipment/machinery
  • Have a 3’8’’ parapet

What kind of institutions can receive installations entirely cost-free:

  • Non-profits
  • Affordable  housing
  • Community/recreation centers
  • Schools
  • Hospitals, medical centers
  • Cultural centers (museums, theaters, etc)
  • Select cooperatively owned housing

Installations for other kinds of buildings are offered for a low-cost by the city as well:

  • Labor, technical assistance, materials will be free
  • You will have to pay for coating, at a discounted price
  • You must provide electricity consumption data 2 years before the installation, and for 2 years after the coating

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