Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs seem like simple entities, but there are rules and regulations regarding them.

In order to install an illuminated sign, a filing must be made online at DOB NOW: Build.

There also may be a permit required, which must be renewed annually.  These permits need to be filed at the DOB Borough office of the borough the sign will be located in. The Department of Finance (DoF) will bill the property owner.

If you are a tenant who has not received this bill, and the property owner doesn’t have it, you can contact the DoF at 212-504-4080.

Cancelling signs

Let the DOB know that is has been de-electrified or properly removed.

It must have the following elements

  • Written on company letterhead
  • Electrician’s license number
  • Address
  • Borough
  • Tax Block
  • Lot #
  • Illuminated sign permit number
  • Statement on whether there are additional signs at the same site, and their height and length
  • Statement
  • Front and side view photos of where the sign was

If Known:

  • Date the sign was removed
  • Height and length of sign