Stove Knob Covers Must be Provided to Tenants

Stove knob covers must now be provided to tenants who have young children when there is a gas-powered stove in the unit.

Once a cover has been placed over a knob, it must be removed in order to switch on the gas.

Who Should Receive These Knobs

Tenants that have children six years old or younger should receive them. This adds a level of safety to a unit because it makes it more difficult for young children to turn it on. This makes it hard for them to have any chance to start a fire using this device.

This applies to tenants in multiple dwelling units, except if they are in a condominium or co-op where they primarily reside.

Annual Notices

Every year, you will have to give tenants clear indication that they are allowed to have a knob cover.

Tenants are also able to refuse knob covers. This notice will make them aware that they can let you know, in writing, that they do not wish to be provided with any covers. If they don’t refuse via writing, you need to assume that they want one.


1. If there is no compatible knob cover with the particular brand of stove that the tenant has, you will not have to provide it. You’ll need to provide documented proof if this is the case.

2. If you have already given a tenant knob covers on two instances in the past year, then you don’t need to provide any more, even if they request it.

Failure to Provide Covers

You’ll receive a class B hazardous violation if you do not provide a cover to a tenant.

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