Wind Turbines

Wind turbines convert the power of the wind into electricity. They are a sustainable source of energy that doesn’t utilize greenhouse gases. If you have a small wind turbine located at the top of your building, there are regulations you must follow to ensure that you can keep the device in commission.

Installing small wind turbines is encouraged in New York, in order to increase the overall amount of renewable energy. They are often located at the top of a turbine tower. You can apply to program to receive state funding. Six million dollars is available, and you can be commercial, residential, or institutional applicant.


Turbines cannot produce noise above 5 db(A) of the ambient sound level.

Shadow Flickering

At the beginning or end of the day, when the sun is behind the turbine, a flickering effect can occur. This needs to be at a minimal level so as to not have the reemergence and disappearance of shadows annoy people who live and work around the affected area.


There should be:

  • A swept area under 200m2
  • Voltage under 1000 V (AC) / 1500 V (DC)
  • Minimal interference with signals (radio, tv, telephone, cellular, etc)


A turbine should be removed if:

  • It’s been continuously inoperable for at least 12 months
  • It has been in operation for longer than the manufacturer’s suggested lifespan


Before a major storm such as a hurricane, it may be ordered by the commissioner that turbines be manually locked. Many are passively locked, which is an automatic setting.


The turbine must be

  • White
  • Off-White
  • Grey
  • Or a non-obtrusive color determined by the commissioner

It generally cannot be artificially lit.

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