How to Cure a Violation

If you have received a DOB Class 2 or 3 violation for the first time, you may be able to put things right without paying a penalty. Violations are rated by how pressing the matter is, with a Class 1 being the most dangerous. A list of violations and what class they fall under can be found here.

  • Class 1 = Immediately Hazardous
  • Class 2 = Major
  • Class 3 = Lesser

If the violation is eligible to be “cured,” the date the work must be done by will be listed next to the date of the hearing.


If there is a cure date, it will be written to the left of the hearing date, in the “Cure and Hearing Options” section of the Notice of Violation. Curing admits to guilt of the infraction but shows that you have reconciled the situation enough to not receive additional penalties. A Certificate of Correction must be submitted along with any other required documents.

It is possible for there to be no cure date. This means that you will have to attend the ECB hearing if you wish to fight the violation. If your cure request is not accepted, you will still have to attend the OATH hearing.

This system only works with a DOB violation. Cure dates will not be found on the summons’ for other city agencies.


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