Flow Tests

Standpipes are installed in multi-story buildings and are available for fire hoses to connect to. Sprinkler systems are also in place in large buildings. Flow tests on these devices must be performed by a licensed fire suppression plumber.

Sprinklers and standpipes need to be tested every three to five years. Your contractor will ask the Fire Suppressions Unit of the FDNY for a specific testing date.

Your contractor will utilize this form to fax or email the FDNY Fire Suppressions Unit to request a test date. including the associated permit account number.

It costs the following to have an FDNY representative witness these tests:

Residential sprinkler flow test


Sprinkler connection (Siamese) hydrostatic test

$320 for the 1st connection,  $275 for each additional connection

Standpipe connection (Siamese) flow and pressure test

$365 for the first connection, $210 for each additional connection

Dry valve trip test (timing)


You may contact the FDNY in regards to these tests at 718-999-2891 or spkstp@fdny.nyc.gov.

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