The HPD’s Alternate Enforcement Program

The HPD’s Alternate Enforcement Program (AEP) helps take care of buildings that are in great need of servicing. Keeping your tenants in bad conditions and doing nothing to fix it will get your building on this list.

Each year, 250 properties across the city are deemed the most in need of immediate repair, due to having the most violations and most unsafe conditions. The city selects contractors to do the work and then bills the owners.

Each year, the majority of the buildings that are selected for this program are located in Brooklyn. The HPD releases the list of buildings that receive this treatment annually, and make it available online.

In order to be discharged from the AEP, there are certain requirements in multiple categories of violations that must be fulfilled. A dismissal application can be submitted within the first four months of receiving the AEP participation notice for the building to get fully reinspected. To get yourself off the list, it is imperative that you show that you’re actively working hard on improving conditions. Otherwise, it is not possible to simply bow out of participating in the program. The city will ensure themselves that all outstanding work is completed, and then the Department of Finance (DOF) will bill you the cost of the full scope of work.

If you ensure that your building is being taken care of to the fullest extent, you don’t have to worry about being on this list. If you have inherited a plethora of problems, do your best to take care of the issues and get the work done in a timely manner. Making sure that your tenants are taken care of creates a more positive overall atmosphere for you, and for the neighborhood itself. Under their terms, even if you do not have the money to make the repairs, you can still be put on the program.

The HPD enacts other programs as well in order to get buildings that are not in a positive state to be moved into compliance. Overall, these programs prioritize the health and safety of its residents. The HPD is also required to create plans of 5-year, 7-year, and 9-year reports about who they put on the AEP. They want to keep track of if the city is overall improving in their treatment of tenants.

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