Complaints and Violations: What’s the Difference?


Any member of the public can call in or submit online a complaint to 311. Complaints that apply to the whole building remain anonymous, but residents will have to provide their apartment number for a more specific problem.

311 will then alert the HPD about the issue. If the issue isn’t fixed, an inspector is sent to check out the situation. You will not be alerted as to exactly when an inspector will come, but they will come quicker if the problem is severe. If the issue persists when an HPD representative comes, then you will be issued a Violation.

It is possible to avoid getting fined for a problem if you can fix it before an inspector comes. NYCityAlerts notifies you when a complaint is made, in order to make you aware of the issue as soon as possible.


You will receive a violation if an inspector finds that you are not in compliance. You may have to play a fine.

For some violations, there is a certain amount of time you still have to correct the issue without having to pay a fine. Violations are broken down into different classes:

Class of Violation Amount of Time to Repair Before Fines Kick In

CLASS A (non-hazardous)

90 days
CLASS B (hazardous) 30 days
CLASS C lead-based paint 21 days
CLASS C window guards 21 days
CLASS C heat or hot water immediately
CLASS C (all other types) 24 hours

If you received a violation, you must close it by submitting a Certificate of Correction. Even after you’ve paid a fine, the underlying issue must still be fixed.

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