The HPD’s Housing Litigation Division (HLD) is in place to enforce housing codes. You are subject to them if there are too many violations, and/or tenants try to seek legal help against you. Try to ensure that problems are fixed as soon as they arise to avoid something like this.

Litigation is in place to seek

  • Correction of conditions
  • Civil penalties
  • Access warrants
  • Review Certificates of No Harassment
  • The appointment of 7A administrators

Pending Litigation

When litigation is pending, you are awaiting a decision. It is the period between when a civilian complaint is filed and when a final decision is made.

7A Administrators

Are put in place to manage buildings that have a heavy amount of issues. They come into the picture when the conditions make it dangerous for tenants to live there. These administrators must be the head of their housing organization.

The HLD deals with cases in a variety of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Heating
  • Hot water
  • 7A Administration

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