ECB Hearing status


If you must attend an ECB hearing, it is important to understand the terminology used. Here are some noteworthy terms that may be used:

Appeal: If either you or the opposing agency does not agree with the outcome of the hearing, you may appeal via writing to keep the case open and argue your case.

Contest: Being able to defend yourself against a violation during a hearing.

Dismissed: The case has been dropped, and you are not required to pay any penalties.

Hazardous Violations: These violations are more urgent, and won’t be given a cure date

Non-Hazardous Violations: You may be able to cure the violation if this is your first time receiving this.

In Violation: You have been found to not be in compliance. You need to correct the situation, submit a Certificate of Correction, and pay penalties.

Mitigation: It may be possible to pay a smaller penalty if you correct the issue before the hearing.

Stipulation: This is an admission of guilt, but it gives a 75 day period after the hearing to correct the violation. During this time, inspectors cannot target the same problem and issue a violation for it.

  • If it’s non-hazardous and this is your first violation, you may be offered stipulation via mail.

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