Limited Alterations

A Limited Alteration Application (LAA) can be utilized to perform the following work:

  • Plumbing
  • Fire Suppression piping replacement and repairs
  • Oil burner installation

These repairs shouldn’t need construction work, or a Professional Engineer (P.E.) or Registered Architect (R.A.). This category of work is meant to cover a more minor scope. There are also limits to what work can be electronically filed online, through the NYC Development Hub & Electronic Filing System. This includes:

  • Relocation of a Siamese connection or when a sprinkler/standpipe system is required to be shut off for eight hours or more
  • Relocation of sprinkler heads
  • Additional meters for one- or two-family homes
  • Adding heating appliances or increasing the BTUs of appliances by more than 25%
  • Direct vent appliances
  • LAA Withdrawals
  • LAA Renewals
  • Superseding LAAs
  • Heating appliances and boilers over one million BTUs
  • Oil tanks over 330 gallons
  • Grease traps (DEP approval required)
  • Oil separators (DEP approval required)
  • Cutting/capping of sprinkler/standpipe systems
  • Legalization/removal of violations for illegal fixtures/work
  • Work Without a Permit Violations/Stop Work Orders
  • Cooking in basement/cellar locations and Single Room Occupancies
  • Establishing new bathroom settings with two new fixtures
  • PW1 to follow
  • Replacement/testing of dryers except for one- and two-family occupancies
  • Temporary heating installations
  • Installing commercial gas dryers
  • Condensing boilers
  • Establishing new heating installations
  • Installing generators
  • Sprinkler/standpipe work associated with a building demolitions
  • LAAs filed in conjunction with Emergency Work Notifications
  • Post Approval Amendment for LAAs
  • Replacement burners over 2.8 million BTUs
  • BBQ grills/commercial cooking
  • Premises with pending Vacate Orders and/or Unsafe Building Violations
  • Fire/Jockey Pumps

There is also a limit on how much can be spent on this kind of work. Category 1 LAAs have a maximum spending limit of $35,000 over a 12-month period.

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