Letter of No Objection

(LNO) is a way of proving the current use of a building. These documents are frequently requested by banks and mortgage companies. These institutions would need to know about any alterations being made to a space. The LNO would let you know if a proposed job would alter the space in a way it’s not allowed to be changed. If no Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) is available for the building, then this will be asked for.

Why would this be needed instead of a C of O?

Many buildings that were built before 1938 do not have a Certificate of Occupancy. Therefore, this document takes its place.

If you need a document that certifies the use quickly, the LNO can be obtained in a few weeks if it’s expedited. It can take at least half a year to obtain a new C of O if the building isn’t already in the system. Therefore, LNOs are useful when speed is of the essence. If you are looking to change the building’s use, then a C of O is required.

Obtaining the Document

You’ll need to go to the DOB Borough Office of the building’s respective borough. The contact information of each office can be found here. In order to prove the long-term use of the building, you should bring materials that may include:

  • Property surveys
  • Deeds
  • Water bills
  • Tax assessments
  • Photos
  • Construction records


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