Which Buildings Must Register with the HPD Every Year

Who this Applies to

This process is mandatory for owners of the following:

  • Multiple Dwellings (3+ residential units)
  • Private Dwellings (1-2 residential units) IF neither the owner or their family resides there
  • Condos, hotels, and co-ops

When Does Registration Occur

You must submit a new document:

  • Annually, before September 1st
  • Any time a building has a new owner
  • Any time details on the registration are altered (there’s different site management, managing agent, etc)

How to Register

  1. Create your own login online with the Property Registration Online System (PROS). Here, you will be able to create new property registrations.
  2. Print out your completed property registration form. The agent and property owner must sign and date it, and mail it to:
    Department of Housing Preservation and Development
    Church Street Station
    PO Box 3888
    New York, NY 10008-38883
  3. The $13 fee can be paid online here or at a physical DOF Business Center.

If you experience any issues with the registration process, contact register@hpd.nyc.gov, or (212) 863-7000.

What Happens if I Don’t Register?

There are civil penalties from $250 – $500 if you don’t register a building. Additionally, a property with three or more units will be banned from going to Housing Court against a tenant for nonpayment.

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