How to Perform Work After Hours

You will need a specific permit in order to perform construction activity:

  • Anytime from 6PM-7AM
  • On weekends


After Hours Variance (AHV) permits must be filed online here. You must apply at least two business days before the work is due to start.


There are two kinds of fees that must be paid to obtain an AHV.

Initial Filing Fee

# of Work Days Fee
1 – 3 $100
4 – 6 $200
7 – 9 $300
10 – 12 $400
13 – 14 $500

Daily Work Fee

In addition to the Initial Filing Fee, you must additionally pay $80 per day you perform work.


In order for a contractor or tradesperson to be able to renew your AVH permit:

  • They must be in good standing with the department
  • The scope of work must be the same as it was when first obtaining the permit
  • The job application can’t have any outstanding issues that must be fixed

Renewals must be within the same days of the week as the original permit. For example, a permit allowing work on only M – F would allow a renewal for M – F, or any individual days within, but you won’t be able to renew for Saturday or Sunday.


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