Stop Work Orders

The DOB implements a Stop Work Order (SWO) for:

  • Construction Code Violations
  • Zoning Resolution
  • Any enforced DOB law or rule
  • Unsafe Work

There are two different categories of SWOs:

Full Stop Work Orders

The only work allowed to be performed must be authorized and must be remedial in order to make the site safe.

Partial Stop Work Orders

Not all non-remedial work must be halted. Some work will no longer be allowed, either in a certain area or for a certain type of work.


The DOB further penalizes you for performing unauthorized work when you’ve been issued an SWO. There is a $5,000 penalty for the first offense. Any further offenses will be $10,000 each. In order to avoid paying these fees, don’t risk performing work that you aren’t allowed to be doing.

How to Resume Work

  • Correct all violations listed on your Order
  • Pay any penalties for your violations
  • Have the site be re-inspected by the Unit that issued the SWO
  • You may need to submit a Certificate of Correction to prove that you are now in compliance with any ECB violations
  1. […] If you still perform with that has been disallowed because it is too close to critical infrastructure, then the department will issue a stop work order. […]


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