New Sustainability and Equality Laws


After October 1, 2025, boilers can’t burn fuel oil grade no. 4. As 49% of the city’s emissions come from buildings, it is important to focus on building emissions, especially for the largest ones. 

Sustainability and where our energy consumption needs to be at the forefront of all decisions made in the 21st century, as it has a massive effect on the future. Improving air quality not only increases our quality of life but positively affects the longevity of keeping the earth intact.

Currently, fuel oil needs to be removed from steam boilers by 2020, and fuel oil #4 by 2030.

Baby Changing

Local Law 34 of 2008 applies to group A occupancies and mercantile group M occupancies. Starting in August, reasonable baby changing stations must be available in public restrooms for any gender. This can be a deck, table, or any similar amenity.

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