Keeping Tenants Informed

In order to give tenants more notice as to the goings-on in their building, Local Law 47 of 2015 makes it mandatory to post notices about repair work being done.

This heads-up is in the form of a physical notice placed in a public space in the building that will be easily seen by all who enter.

This applies to work dealing with:

  • Heat
  • Hot Water
  • Cold Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity

If these repairs are emergency in nature and couldn’t have been foreseen, advanced postings are not required, however, the best effort should be taken to keep everyone in the loop.

Notices should be in English and in Spanish. The DOB may also require a translation into additional languages. Even if it’s not required, it’s courteous to develop signage in popular languages spoken in your building.

Elevator Repairs

Alteration Work

Notices need to be posted at least 10 days in advance. No notice is needed  There needed for ordinary repairs or minor alterations.


Notice needs to be given a full day (24 hours) in advance if every elevator in the building is out of service for over two hours. This is important, as if the building is a high rise, or tenants are not able-bodied, they will be stuck in their apartments. They need time to plan their lives around these outages.

Giving your tenants the courtesy of letting them know about situations that might impact their life or inconvenience them. The farther in advance you let them know, the better they will able to plan. This renders fewer complaints from lack of notice.

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