Housing not Warehousing

Mayor de Blasio has just signed several pieces of legislation, including Local Laws 29 and 30 of 2018, which comprise the Housing Not Warehousing Act. These bills involve taking stock of vacant land in the city.

The Census

Local  Law 29 is meant to increase transparency and let everyone know about the status of vacant lots within the city. Efforts have been made in the past to track the city’s vacant lots, but there has never before been a law requiring records of these lots. Now, an estimate will be made of the amount of vacant residential buildings and lots.

To be recorded, these existing buildings and empty lots must be in areas zoned for permit residential use. Flood zone areas are exempt from this process. After the initial census, additional census’ are to be completed every five years.

Affordable Housing

Local Law 30 was created to identify viable options for the development of new affordable housing. The city wants to find underutilized land and put it to good use by creating units that low-income families can rent.

HPD does not currently track abandoned properties. Currently, under De Blasio, there is a goal of creating 300,000 more units by 2026. This will help to achieve that goal, decrease the city’s homeless population, and prepare for a large number of people predicted to move to the city in the coming years. In order to achieve all of these goals, creative solutions need to be looked into.

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