Energy Efficiency Scores will have to be Displayed

Local Law 33 of 2018

Starting in 2020, buildings over 25,000 square feet will be required to physically display an energy efficiency score. This new law is one piece in the effort to decrease energy use across the city.

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® provides the building with an overall score. The number provided what is percentile the building is compared to similar buildings throughout the rest of the country. The purpose of this legislation is to make it clear to owners and tenants where they stand in terms of energy usage. It creates an initiative to be always improving and bettering overall practices for the benefit of the city and the future.

Information on the benchmarking process and utilizing the ENERGY STAR website can be found here


Energy Efficiency Score


Score equal or greater than 85


Score equal or greater than 70, but less than 85


Score equal to or greater than 55 but less than 70


Score under 55


Building not in compliance


Building ineligible for a score but all additional requirements have been fulfilled, or it is not feasible to obtain a score

Posting the Grade

The Energy Efficiency Score and Energy Efficiency Grade must be posted within 30 days of the recipient of the grade. It will have to be clearly visible near the entrance of the building. The DOB will provide specifications in the future of where it can and cannot be placed.

The transparency of the energy efficiency is meant to be a tactic for owners to better their building. Owners become more accountable for their actions in the eyes of the public who walk through the building, in a similar system as restaurant health inspection grades.

You are also required to disclose the energy efficiency grade to prospective buyers or lessees.


If you do not comply with these energy efficiency requirements, the penalty is $5,000, plus a dollar per square foot for the building’s gross floor area.

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