Sprinkler Deadline

Local Law 26 of 2004 is in place to help with building safety in the event of an emergency or fire. It came to fruition after 9/11 occurred, and it became clear that building safety implementations were of paramount importance. Clear signage, unblocked egress, and ways to combat fire are all necessities that are included in the bill.

Sprinker Compliance Dates

The final phase of this regulation involves installation of fire sprinklers. This is the part of the bill that has the heftiest cost associated with it.

July 1, 2018, is the deadline for a mandatory 14-Year Sprinkler Report. This is now less than seven months away. Therefore, you must ensure that this plan will be completed in enough time to send to the DOB before July 1. This report doesn’t need to be done if it can be displayed that the building is already fully sprinklered.

The full sprinkler system must be installed by July 1, 2019. In addition, a full report verifying the complete installation must be provided.

If this timeframe isn’t good enough for your building due to financial hardship, you are able to apply for an extension, provided all the paperwork has been completed. This means it’s even more important to get all of the previous steps done. Ensuring that permits, applications, and plans have been obtained means you’ll be in good standing. It is also possible to achieve a partial waiver for locations that are landmarks or where it is impossible due to the building’s structure.

It is important to get this work done on a timely basis. Planning or installing the sprinkler system close to the plan due date means that installation contractors will charge more for overtime work, making it more expensive on your end.

Covered Buildings

Commercial and office buildings that are 100 feet tall or higher must comply with LL26. The building needs to have business occupancy (Group E as of 2004, currently Group B). If a building from another occupancy group is converted into an office building, they must have their sprinkler system ready immediately. New buildings also need to have the system installed by the time the building is complete.

Buildings need to be equipped with a sprinkler system or compartmentation with stair pressurization. These pressurization fans are normally installed in stairwells to prevent smoke from a burning floor to billow into the stairwell and prevent it from being used.

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