Annual Safety Notice

Annual Safety Notices must be sent out to tenants in all buildings with three or more apartments. The notices constitute information on:

Forms must be delivered between January 1st and January 16th every year. They should not be delivered any earlier or later than these dates.

They can be delivered any of the following ways:

  • By first class mail, addressed to the unit’s tenant
  • By hand to the unit’s tenant
  • Enclosed along with the January rent bill


Send out the Info

Send out the safety notices and request the required information from the tenant.

Receive Answers

The tenant answers the questions about lead paints and window guards and signs the document.

Inspect Units

If, by February 15th, a tenant hasn’t provided a response, inspect the apartment in regards to the presence children under 10, and window guards.

Contact the Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene (DOH)

By March 1st, you must inform the DOH of window guard status in your units. Submit a signed list of tenants who submitted information they were asked to provide. Be sure to include apartment #, date and time of entry, and the tenant’s signature or initials. If the tenant has failed to provide a response and you’ve been unable to gain access, you must list the tenant names, apartment numbers, and dates and times they were visited.

All documentation must be submitted to the Window Falls Prevention Program, at 125 Worth Street, Room 930, CN-59A, New York, NY 10013.

Additional Info

Forms distributed to tenants must be approved by the DOHMH.

You must keep all form response records in your possession for ten years after they were submitted.

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